Under-extrusion or worsening extrusion

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A number of causes for under-extrusion or worsening extrusion have been identified or discussed in several posts. Jason D included a good summary of items to consider when troubleshooting problems of this kind: https://plus.google.com/109163380912754965269/posts/8kapvNuLxdo


  1. Clogged nozzle
  2. Narrowed/clogged PTFE tube
  3. Loose or misaligned hobbed bolt
  4. Stepper motor skipping steps
  5. Calibrate/tune extruder
  6. Bolts too tight causing the arm to bind
  7. Print speed too high and the plastic doesn't melt fast enough to keep up.
  8. Too much filament tension
  9. Confirm thermistor type correctly set in firmware. (especially if you've upgraded to a new hot end)