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Welcome to RigidWiki

Disclaimer: This is the Wiki of RigidBot users and not an official InventAPart site.
The content has been provided by customers and is based on their experiences,
background, and communications with InventAPart.
All information is provided as is and without guarantee

Rigidbot 1 and 2

In April 2016, Rigidbot Corp. started shipping the revised Rigidbot 2. Information below was written for the original Invent-a-Part Rigidbot (1). However, much of it is applicable to the later model. Information specific to the later model (2) is posted under Rigidbot_2_Main_Page.

As of August 2016, Rigidbot LLC. is no longer selling or servicing their printers. In order to keep the Rigidbot spirit alive, three guys, Jeff Parish, Heath Harper and Jayson Kelly have acquired access to the supply chain and replacement parts. You can order at *

The new website is up! and has replacement parts for Legacy Rigidbot Machines and the new RB3 Reliabuild3d Printers in both regular 10 x 10 and BIG 12 x 16. There are also upgrades to increase to 14 inch build heights on all machines.

See *

ReliaBuild 3D RB3

The guys at have come up with a new concept on bringing the best of the Rigidbot 1 and Rigidbot 2 into a single printer. In the spirit of keeping the evolution of the printer clear, they wanted to make sure the new printer fit the RB world of naming. So to evolve from RB1, RB2 and to RB3 without infringing on the name of Rigidbot, they came up with ReliaBuild 3D by 4E3D, a division of Laser Weld Design.

As of November 2016, the printer is a concept, but the upgrades to take an RB1 or RBB to new electronics in a simple plug and play swap kit are now available at * To see what it takes to do a basic upgrade kit download the Installation Manual at:

Future developments will include:

Plug n play support for reprap LCD basic and full-graphic controllers,

Filament run-out detection,

Skip-detection and more.

The best part is the developing upgrades should work as options to keep the RB1 and RBB printers we love alive and kicking for years to come!


Troubleshooting/Known Issues

Print Quality Troubleshooting

Upgrades, Modifications, Hacks, Improvements, Additions

For now we will use the modifications category page

Slicer Configuration/ Firmware