Y Axis Reversed Direction

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Several users have reported that their y axis travels in the wrong direction during initial testing after assembly. A known cause for the problem is that the bed support plate has been installed 180 degrees from the correct orientation. This results in the belt anchor being on the left instead of on the right side of the belt loop, when viewed from the front of the printer. Reference this post: https://plus.google.com/101815917194801379384/posts/FH4wbjhpcGJ

The problem can be corrected either mechanically or in firmware. (Choose one or the other but DON'T DO BOTH):

A) To MECHANICALLY correct the problem the bed support must be rotated 180 degrees: (See NOTE1)

Refer to page 23 of the manual: Remove the 4 screws of Step 3 to release the bed & heater from the support.

Then refer to page 18 of the manual: Remove two screws (Step 18) holding the belt anchor.

Next refer to page 7 of the manual: remove eight screws holding the bed support to the bearings. OR, as an alternative to removing the screws, pop the bearing holders off the bearings. Rotate the bed support by 180 degrees.

Then remove the belt from the pulleys and reinstall it with the joint/anchor on the right-hand side of the belt loop.

Follow the above steps in reverse to reinstall the bed support, belt anchor and bed.

With everything else oriented correctly the heater connector should be on the left (near to the mainboard)and the belt anchor should be on the right.

NOTE1: If you don't have the heater installed it's possible to pop the entire bed & support assembly off the bearings and rotate 180 degrees. Reference https://plus.google.com/107800886790140934386/posts/fvPWcauC394 . If the heater is installed, with its connector on the left, it will wind up on the right and the heater cable may or may not be long enough to reach.

B) To correct the problem through FIRMWARE:

Using the Arduino IDE, open Marlin.ino. Select the configuration.h tab. The line to look for is " #define INVERT_Y_DIR false ". Change "false" to "true". It's line 274 in the 2014-06-01 version, but may vary in other versions (it'll be close to that). Then recompile ("Verify") and upload to the printer.