Thermistor Issues

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A number of users who have received their RigidBot have been experiencing a MINTEMP or M999 error either immediately after building their machine or after a few prints. This error is related to the Thermistor.

More information on this issue can be found in the Google+ Community.

Recommend Solutions

There have been two resolutions posted in the Google+ community.

  1. Thermistor not properly connected or is connected to the wrong spot
    1. Check your wiring and ensure that your thermistor is connected to the right spot on the board
    2. Check the J2 extruder assembly cable - stiff cable management can pull it out after a few prints
    3. Unplug and replug the thermistor (be careful this part is fragile)
  2. The thermistor is bad/broken/not working. A number of users have experienced bad thermistors.
    1. The only solution is to replace the broken thermistor
      1. Open a new ticket with and have Invent-A-Part replace your thermistor
      2. If don't believe this is a support issue you can try ordering a new thermistor directly from Invent-A-Part
      3. Order a third party thermistor see this post for more information
  3. The temperature of the thermistor has dropped below the firmware MINTEMP setting
    1. This may occour if your printer is a room that is not heated, like a garage or attic
    2. The problem can be resolved by powering off the printer and manually heating the thermistor/hot-end with a barbecue lighter, before switching the printer back on