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This guide serves as a complete technical summary of every piece of information provided by Invent-a-Part to the community over the last year of updates. If it is missing anything please feel free to add in the comments.

The purpose of this guide is to act as a quick reference, and refresh people's memories - As some of this stuff is quite old. It should contain everything officially confirmed by IAP/Michael on Kickstarter/Instagram.



  • Heated build plate contains red LED’s which illuminate when the bed is heating with built in thermistor.
  • The standard heated build plate measures around 3.6 to 4.0 ohms.
  • Heat up times for Heatbed (Heated build plate)
    • Standard: 65°C = 3-5minutes, 110°C = 7minutes
    • RigidBot Big: 65°C = 4-6minutes, 110°C = 8 minutes
  • Heated bed power does not go through physical power switch - is switched via a transistor on mainboard.

  • Board based on Arduino Mega2560 & RAMPS 1.4 boards (schematic PDF) (schematic 1200dpi) ATMega2650 (pin mapping)
  • Custom Marlin firmware
  • 5V pins available (limit switch connector a good option)
  • No 12V supply available
  • USB Socket rated at 300mA
  • Fan1 connector J4 on extruder breakout board for object-cooling fan.
  • Fan1 connector is PWM-controlled and can be completely controlled by software.
  • Fan2 is connected directly to 24v, and thus is always on. This is the fan to use for the extruder fan.
  • Easy access to I2C bus for future expansion.
  • Dip switch were planned to select 10x10x10 or 12x16x10 on the board itself and dual/single extruder but does nothing. These switches were not implemented on the rigidbot.
  • 3 limit switches, however can use upper & lower limits (6 limit switches) so you can make a custom sized” rigidbot.
  • Support for a multi-coloured LED strip
  • Large 4 layer board
  • Dual extrusion ready

  • Optional LCD/USB Board contains the following scripted features:-
    • Print from USB
    • Bed leveling Script (will run a program which automatically moves the head to the four leveling positions on bed)
    • Change Filament script - to load/unload material
    • Pause/Resume script
    • Manual Jog - manually move printhead in xyz positions.


  • Except for one allen wrench, all necessary tools are included with kit for full assembly. The missing allen wrench is for the belt tensioners. However a small philips screwdriver & a mallet for constructing the frame are also recommended
  • Polymer sleeve made from PTFE/Teflon - recommended not to exceed 250°C - 1/4" (6.35mm) outside diameter, 2mm inside diameter, ~16.65mm length (varies depending on exact thickness of mounting block, PEEK insulating block and heater block.. should have no gap between PTFE tube and either mounting block or heater block)
  • Z-rod will require cleaning if you're assembling yourself
  • LM8UU Linear Motion Bearings (11 per printer)
  • Linear Rods - Chrome Hardened Linear Rods (8 per printer)
    • a user reports: "the long rods, 2 of them are used for the build plate and 2 of them are used for the extrude head. The four short rods go in your left and right frame rails for your z axis motion/up and down"
  • GT2 Pulley, 36 teeth
  • GT2 Belts
  • Injection moulded corners with threaded inserts in places to assure accuracy and reduce the amount of maintenance required.
  • Smooth rods are 8mm in diameter
  • Tubing is standard .75inch / 19mm bar stock.
  • Frame drawing1.png
    Frame drawing2.png Frame drawing3.png Frame drawing4.png Frame drawing5.png Frame drawing6.png Frame drawing7.png Frame drawing8.png Frame drawing9.png
  Mechanical drawings for the RB regular frame.
  • RigidBot design will be available in STL format.
  • Aluminium hot-end with brass extruder tips with a 0.4mm nozzle diameter M6 thread
  • RB build plate DXF file File:RB3
  • RigidBot 10x10x10 Dimensions: 19" x 16.5" x 16" (48cm x 42cm x 43cm)
    • LCD adds 3/4" depth
    • Build plate can extend up to 2" in front of the frame, and 2" behind the frame during printing
  • RigidBot 12x16x10 Dimensions: 24.5" x 19" x 16" (62cm x 48cm x 43cm)
    • LCD adds 3/4" depth
    • Build plate can extend up to 3" in front of the frame, and 3" behind the frame during printing

Recommended Settings & General Specifications

  • Print Speed: 75mm/s (suggested speed only. can go faster)
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
    • If you are using a filastruder to create your filament, the filament is often between 1.69-1.71mm diameter (due to the size of drill bit used to produce the nozzle)
  • Maximum temperature: 250°C (using the supplied extruder)
  • 100 micron layer resolution
  • 0.4mm nozzle diameter
  • RigidBot kit weight 15KG (35lbs)
  • RigidBot Big kit weight 20KG (44lbs)
  • +/- 0.0762mm in the x/y axis for tolerance. (.003")
  • 10x10x10" build dimensions = 254 x 254 x 254mm
  • 12x16x10" build dimensions = 304 x 406 x 254mm

Parts List

The following parts were copied from the lists provided here: Some part names are linked to their STL files.

Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Found at
Item Number Description
1001 RigidKnucle (Official)
1002 RigidRod Connector (Official)
1003 Motor Mount (Official)
1004 Belt Tension (Official)
1005 Linear Bearing Holder (unofficial STL) alt. version 2.1 (also unofficial)
1006 Belt Connector (unofficial STL)
1007 Z-Nut Bracket (Official) / (unofficial STL) Printer Friendly version
1008 Limit Switch Holder (unofficial STL)
1009 RigidBoard Enclosure A + B (Official STLs)
1010 Rigid SQ - Bottom Back
1011 Rigid SQ - Bottom Front; Dimensions: H 20mm × W 20 mm × L 430 mm, Тhickness 2 mm
1012 Rigid SQ - Bottom Right
1013 Rigid SQ - Bottom Left Dimensions: H 20mm × W 20 mm × L 380 mm, Тhickness 2 mm
1014 Rigid SQ - Long Vertical
1015 Rigid SQ - Short Vertical
1016 Rigid SQ - Middle Long
1017 Rigid SQ - Middle Short
1019 Rigid SQ - Top Short
1020 Rigid SQ - X Axis Support Bottom Left Dimensions: H 20mm × W 20 mm × L 190 mm, Тhickness 2 mm
1021 Rigid SQ - Spooler Rack
1022 Rigid SQ - 8mm Steel ROD X axis (Gantry) 17 1/8" (435mm) long
1023 Rigid SQ - 8mm Steel ROD Y axis (Bed) 16 5/8" (423mm) long
1024 Rigid SQ - 8mm Steel ROD Z axis (338mm) long
1025 Spooler Rack Bar 16 5/8" (423mm) long
1026 Aluminium Build Plate for ordinal size printer (weight 662g)
1027 Aluminium Build Plate Support for ordinal size printer (weight 248 g)
1028 Aluminium Head Plate (unofficial STL) for ordinal size printer (weight 270 g)
1029 Plastic Side cover Small
1030 Plastic Front cover Small
1031 Plastic Back cover Small
1032 Button Allen - M4 x 8 mm
1033 Allen - M3 x 8mm
1034 Allen - M3 x 22mm
1035 Allen - M3 x 4mm
1036 GT2 Pulley
1037 Y-Belt
1038 X-Belt
1039 Bearing 608 for X/Y Belt
1040 Heated Bed Nut - M3 Nut
1041 Cable Management
1042 Limit Switch PCB
1043 RigidSpring (18mm uncompressed, 7mm inner diameter, 9mm outer diameter, 1mm wire)
1044 Main Board
1045 (1334) Nema 17 Motor (Technical_Specifications_Steppers) SM42HT33-1334A (X-axis, Extruder)
1046 (1684) Nema 17 Z Motor (Technical_Specifications_Steppers) SM42HT38-1684A (Y-axis, Z-axis)
1047 Electronic - Heated Build PCB
1048 Rigid Rod Bearing
1049 Fastener - 10mm M6 thread
1050 Extruder Head Hardware (5 Parts)
1051 Head Peak
1052 24v Cooling Fan
1053 Heat Sink
1054 Head - Plastic - Material Top Load (scale to 25.5)
1055 Head - Plastic - Material Load Arm (scale to 25.5)
1056 Head - Plastic - Material Load Insert (scale to 25.5)
1057 Extruder Feed Ball Bearing
1058 Bearings
1059 Fastener - Head Small
1060 Fastener - Head Large
1061 Aluminium Mounting Block
1062 Teflon/PTFE Feeder Tube
1063 Aluminium Heating Block
1064 Brass Extruder Nozzle - .4mm
1065 Extruder Head PCB
1066 Head -24V heater cartridge
1067 Head - Thermistor
1068 Head - Stainless Steel Drive
1069 Belt Tension Nut M6 1mm Pitch
1070 Rigid logo sticker
1071 Rigid Hot Sticker
1072 Rigid Safety Sticker
1075 Z - Coupler
1076 Z-8mm rod
1077 Z-Nut - 8mm Brass
1079 Packaging A
1080 Cardboard Box for Packing A
1082 Styrofoam - Lid and Base box for B
1083 Cardboard Box for Packing B
1088 LCD - Electronic PCB
1089 LCD - Arrow Button
1090 LCD - Center Button
1091 LCD - Plastic Enclosure
1092 Power Supply
1093 Heated Base Plate Wiring
1096 PLA, white, 1Kg
1097 Allen Wrench
1100 Styrofoam for LCD display
1101 Box for LCD Display
1102 Styrofoam for spooler rack small
1103 Box for spooler rack
1104 LCD - Mating Wiring
1105 Zip Tie Pack of 6
1106 Head Wiring
1108 Extruder Screw - M3x3mm, flat top, countersunk, 6mm overall length
1109 Extruder Screw - M3x42mm with an 18mm threaded portion
1110 Extruder Screw - M4x10mm shoulder, with M3x3mm threaded portion
2010 Rigid Big - Bottom Back
2011 Rigid Big - Bottom Front
2012 Rigid Big - Bottom Right
2013 Rigid Big - Bottom Left
2016 Rigid Big - Middle Long
2017 Rigid Big - Middle Short
2019 Rigid Big - Top Short
2022 Rigid Big - 8mm Steel ROD X axis (Gantry) 23 1/8"
2023 Rigid Big - 8mm Steel ROD Y axis (Bed) 18 1/2"
2024 Rigid Big - 8mm Steel ROD Z axis
2025 Powdercoated Spooler Rod
2026 Aluminium Build Plate
2027 Aluminium Build Plate Support
2029 Plastic Side cover Large Ridgy
2030 Plastic Front cover Large Ridgy
2031 Plastic Back cover Large Ridgy
2047 Heated Base Plate BIG
2082 Styrofoam Lid and Base - Box C
2083 Cardboard Box for Packing C
2102 Styrofoam for Spooler Rack Big

Replacement Parts available to order

Full parts list: