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Rigidbot 1 and 2

In April 2016, Rigidbot Corp. started shipping the revised Rigidbot 2. Information specific to it should posted here and below. The newer model (2) is only modestly changed from the original Invent-a-Part Rigidbot (1), so users should also refer to its pages under Main Page

Rigidbot.com RB2 resource page

Assembly Guides

Troubleshooting/Known Issues

RB2 Modifications/Hacks/Improvements/Additions

Slicer Settings


  • See Firmware for instructions on re-flashing your RB. The board comes pre-flashed, so this will only be necessary if you modify your RB, or wish to take advantage of new features.
  • File:RigidBot 2.0 Marlin-master.zip OEM RB2 Firmware
  • Stock RB2 (regular) firmware tweaked by Jeff Parish. File:RB2 Reg RigidBot 2 Ver 1-11-RB2.zip The Y drive power setting was adjusted to give 70.The XY jerk was reduced to 6. The XY acceleration was reduced to 1600. These were adjusted to reduce skipping. All can be changed via the LCD. The changes only affect the defaults. See this post for remarks on the new features in the RB2 firmware.
  • As of 6/27/2016 mainstream Marlin supports the RB2, until RC7 or greater is released, use RCBugFix Download, replace Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h with the corresponding files in example_configurations/Rigibot/ , and edit as required. Support for the digipot is via Mcodes: M907 [XYZE] nn sets the corresponding digipot to nn % of maximum (100% = 2 amps) e.g. M907 E50 provides 1 amp to the extruder stepper. M909 will print out current values and M910 will save the settings to the DAC's EEPROM. Don't mess with M908 unless you know what you are doing.

Changes from Rigidbot 1 to Rigidbot 2


RB 2 main board image

Detail pics

RB2 Board bottom
RB2 board schematic