Printer sporadically reboots stopping print

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Some users have reported the printer will stop during a print even when there is no computer connected or when that computer has not rebooted/slept on RigidBots with an LCD display. This problem has been seen as often as every few minutes, to several hours apart.


  • Print stops, does not re-home.
  • Hot end and heated bed will turn off.
  • The LCD will report correct temperatures, but host software (for example, Repetier-host or OctoPrint) may still show both at the last recorded temperature before the reboot.
  • You may see "Error: SerialException: 'device reports readiness to read but returned no data (device disconnected?)" or similar in your host's logs (depends on the host).
  • LCD display will blank, then display the normal boot sequence (you may not notice this if you aren't looking precisely when it happens).


With the printer off (see Getting_Started#Warnings) disconnect the LCD from the main board. If you are able to print without failure, this may be your problem.


In at least one case a replacement LCD has resolved this issue. Leaving the LCD disconnected also works, but means you will not have access to the LCD or printing from a USB drive. Updating the firmware from the RB to Marlin-RC5 has also fixed the problem. The newer firmware slows communications to the LCD and is the likely reason for the fix.