Middle Frame Assembly

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RigidBot Kit Assembly Instructions
0. Before You Begin Assembling 4. Gantry Assembly 8. Bottom/Middle/Gantry Assembly
1. Sub Assembly 1 5. Top Frame Assembly 9. Heated Bed Assembly
2. Sub Assembly 2 6. Bottom Frame Assembly 10. Completing Frame Assembly
3. Extruder Assembly 7. Middle Frame Assembly 11. Wiring/Cable Management

Instruction Video

Instructions from the Manual

Parts List

Notes from Users

Step 1 & 2 & 3

The video seems to be missing this step. --Dennis Brown
The holes in parts 1001 (the knuckles) don't always line up with the thread holes of the bars. Assuming your bars are the correct length, file or drill the affected knuckles to a larger diametre hole.-- Mark Swales

Step 5

The video seems to be missing this step. There was a missing hole in one of the 2017 bars. It had a center punch dimple where the hole was supposed to go. I had to use a step drill in my drill press to add the hole. See before and after pictures. I put some clear fingernail polish on the bare metal edges to protect them from rust. --Dennis Brown
There was also another factory stripped hole in this 2017 Bar at the end. --Dennis Brown

Step 6 & 8 & 9

Tight plastics as noted before. Had to clamp plastic to bar to put in bottom screws. --Dennis Brown

Step 11

I was getting Y-axis crashes when the plate was mounted the way they show in the video (10" RigidBot). Flipping the plate over so the "bevel" side is down (keep the belt attachment on the right side) fixes the problem by putting the deeper notch facing the pulley. This is the way it is shown in the diagram. If you mount the plate this way, make sure there is some clearance between the plate and the top of the y-axis motor, some people have had issues with the plate hitting the pulley --walter
Newer versions of the firmware have "fixed" this issue by reducing the build area on the y-axis by 6mm so if you build it the way it's oriented the video, it should work properly. --walter

Step 13

The Y axis smooth rod on the RigidBot Big measures about 18 1/2" and is the middle length of the 3 smooth rod types. (Longest is X, shortest is Z). --Greg Rebholz

Step 14 & 15

Consider: don't make the #1032 bolts that hold parts #1002 very tight, you will need to loosen them up on z-axis binding tutorial https://plus.google.com/102831253296337169949/posts/fko2cXiVQdD --Juan J. Peña