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  • RB - 19"w x 16 7/8"h x 16 7/8"d (48cm w x 43cm h x 43cm d) deep not counting build platform LCD adds 3/4" to depth. Build plate adds 2" to depth in front and another 2" in back.. so 4" total split between front and back for a total of 20 7/8 inches (53cm) deep if you're doing a full enclosure
    • Build area dimensions for slicer software - Width: 254mm Depth: 248mm Height: 254mm - The build plate is technically 254mm wide but the leveling screws get in the way making the real depth 248mm
  • RB Big - 24.5"w x 16"h x 19"d (62cm w x 43cm h x 48cm d)?
    • Build area dimensions for slicer software - 300mm x 400mm x 254mm?


Based on Arduino Mega2560 & RAMPS 1.4 boards.
Custom Marlin firmware.
5V pins available (limit switch connector a good option)

No 12V supply available.
USB Socket rated at 300mA
Power Supply is 24V and 17A
Fan2 connector J4 on extruder breakout board for object-cooling fan.
Fan2 connector is PWM-controlled and can be completely controlled by software.
Easy access to I2C bus for future expansion.
Heat up times (Standard: 65c = 3-5minutes, 110c = 7minutes. RigidBot Big: 65c = 4-6minutes, 110c = 8 minutes)
Heated build plate contains red LED’s which illuminate when the bed is heating with built in thermistor.
Dip switch to select 10x10x10 or 12x16x10 on the board itself.
3 limit switches, however can use upper & lower limits (6 limit switches) so you can make a custom sized” rigidbot.
Support for a multi-coloured LED strip
Large 4 layer board
Dual extrusion ready
Heated bed power does not go through physical power switch - is switched via a transistor on mainboard.
Optional LCD/USB Board contains the following scripted features:-

  • Print from USB
  • Bed levelling Script (will run a program which automatically moves the head to the three levelling positions on bed)
  • Change Filament script - to load/unload material
  • Pause/Resume script
  • Manual Jog - manually move printhead in xyz positions.


Tools are included with kit for full assembly, However a small philips screwdriver & a mallet for constructing the frame are also recommended
Polymer sleeve made from PTFE - recommended not to exceed 250 degrees celsius
Z-rod will require cleaning if you're assembling yourself
LM8UU Linear Motion Bearings (11 per printer)
Linear Rods - Chrome Hardened Linear Rods (8 per printer)
GT2 Pulley, 36 teeth
GT2 Belts
Injection moulded corners with threaded inserts in places to assure accuracy and reduce the amount of maintenance required.
Smooth rods are 8mm in diameter
Tubing is standard .75inch / 19mm bar stock.
RigidBot design will be available in STL format.
Aluminium hot-end with brass extruder tips with a 0.4mm nozzle diameter

Recommended Settings & General Specifications

Print Speed: 75mm/s (suggested speed only. can go faster)
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Maximum temperature: 250 degrees c (Supplied extruder)
100 micron layer resolution
0.4mm nozzle diameter
RigidBot kit weight 35lbs (15KG)
RigidBot Big kit weight 44lbs (20KG)
+/- .003" in the x/y axis for tolerance.
10x10x10 build dimensions mm = 254 x 254 x 254
12x16x10 build dimensions mm = 304 x 406 x 254

Replacement Parts available to order.
Full parts list:

Part# 1042 - Limit Switch - set of three
Part# 1043 - Bed Leveling and Extruder Springs - set of 5 Springs
Part# 1050 - Extruder Hot End
Part# 1052 - 24v Extruder Fan and Fan Guard
Part# 1053 - Extruder Heat Sink
Part# 1065 - Extruder PCB
Part# 1066 - 24v Heater Cartridge with connector
Part# 1067 - Screw in Thermistor with connector
Part# 1068 - Extruder Stainless Gear
Part# 1093 - Heated Bed Cable
Part# 1106 - Extruder Head Cable
Part# 1113 - Limit Switch Cable
Part# 1154 - Extruder Head plastics with bearing