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Custom RB Firmware (FW)

Please note

Your printer will come pre-flashed, and generally speaking will not require flashing unless an update becomes available Please use this information at your own risk.

Community Firmware

Current Marlin Firmware

  • Current versions of Marlin are available at github It's under active development. The *stable* version has fewer features, but is well tested. Use the RC or RCBugFix if you want a more up-to-date, but less thoroughly tested version. You will need to replace Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h in the Marlin directory with those in the example_configurations/Rigidbot sub-directory, and edit those as required.
  • Changes for Firmware Upgrades -- Configuring Marlin for your (upgraded) Rigidbot.

Original IAP Firmware

  • Rigidbot Newest Firmware 2014-08-11
  • RigidBot Initial Firmware 2014-06-01

Usage Instructions

1. Open Arduino PDE

2. Go to File>Open>(Rigidbot FW directory)>Marlin>Marlin.ino

3. Make sure your Rigidboard is connected and powered on, the serial port is correct, and you have Arduino Mega 2560 selected under the "board" menu. All these options are found under the "Tools" menu.

4. Click "Verify" to make sure there are no errors and then "Upload" after the verify step is finished.

Modifying the firmware

If you want to make changes (not advised unless you are experienced) then you can do so under the Configuration.h (and Configuration_adv.h) tabs of the firmware before uploading it to the board. This may be required if you make physical modifications to your RB - like changing pulleys or extruders or the controller board. Changes that you may need to make to the stock configuration in the Marlin/example_configurations/Rigidbot sub-directory of the firmware may be found here

There are also parameters like jerk and acceleration that can be tuned for your machine. Most of these are accessible by sending M-codes ( to your machine from its host (Pronterface/Printrun/Repetier etc.) These temporarily change the parameter values. For instance, "M205 X30" will set the "X/Y jerk" to 30 mm/sec. These changes can be made "permanent" (surviving a machine reboot) with M500, which saves changes to EEPROM. Because the EEPROM values over-ride the settings in Configuration.h, there is room for much confusion. In particular, only changing parameter values in Configuration.h will have no effect unless you also do M502 to read them into memory (and save them to EEPROM with M500 to survive a reboot). The relevant commands are M500/M501/M502 and M503. See the following explanation: post

Instructions for configuration of the (current) Marlin firmware can be found on their documentation page.