Bottom/Middle/Gantry Assembly

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RigidBot Kit Assembly Instructions
0. Before You Begin Assembling 4. Gantry Assembly 8. Bottom/Middle/Gantry Assembly
1. Sub Assembly 1 5. Top Frame Assembly 9. Heated Bed Assembly
2. Sub Assembly 2 6. Bottom Frame Assembly 10. Completing Frame Assembly
3. Extruder Assembly 7. Middle Frame Assembly 11. Wiring/Cable Management
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Instruction Video

Instructions from the Manual

Parts List

Notes from Users

Step 1

No real issues here. This is the point where the Z-Rod nuts are set to the same height (several inches down from the top), and the gantry is lowered onto them and the screws applied. I followed the video. --Dennis Brown
The Z axis smooth rods are about 13" in length. --Greg Rebholz

Step 2

I completely left off all the outside covers. This would be a bad point to add them. They should only go on after everything is up and running, if at all. --Dennis Brown

General notes

When assembling the frame parts, I used a rubber coated dead blow hammer to "nudge" them into place. A wood hammer or a block of wood an a regular hammer would also work. Hand pressure was just not enough in many cases, and I did not want to bruise my hands trying to beat on them "bare knuckle". --Dennis Brown
Some of the Covers (1029, 1030, 1031) are slightly bigger than the specifications. Some trimming may be required so that the Covers (1029, 1030, 1031) sits flush as it is supposed to. --Alex Lee/Mike Craddock/Charli Dean