Bed leveling

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Bed levelling

  • Screw the print bed down a bit, maybe 3­-4mm (so that the springs are a bit compressed and push the bed back if you screw them up).
  • Set the end stops to the right place so that nothing crashes.
  • Set the Z end stop so that you have 1­-2mm air between the nozzle and the print bed (including blue tape or hairspray you may have added for better adhesion on the bed).
  • Screw the heated bed up very close to the nozzle (to your layer height, for example 0.1mm).
  • Take a piece of paper (normally 0.1mm thick) and move it between the heated bed an the nozzle and screw the heat bed up until you feel friction when you move the paper.
  • Move the extruder to the other ends and repeat this step on all 4 edges.

Now your bed should be levelled!

Or you can try Cura>Expert>Bed leveling wizard/first run wizard Or on the LCD Display there should be an option to auto home all axes (This moves the head to all end stops to see the clearance) or drive it manually to the end stop